AEG 6000 Eco Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

AEG 6000 Eco Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.


With cutting-edge cyclonic technology, the ergonomically designed 6000 Bagless cleaner combines powerful performance with precise emptying. Mess-free dust disposal for a cleaner home. 76% of plastic used for the 6000 Series ECO is recycled.

Easy handling design with just two-step, controlled emptying ensuring hygienic, mess-free dust disposal. Simply release the dustbin container from the vacuum by pushing the button at the top. The dustbin container can then be opened easily from the bottom, reducing the risk of dust cloud.

Cyclonic technology ensures uncompromised performance and a thorough cleaning result, throughout the clean, even while the dust bin fills up.

Rubber-coated XL wheels go anywhere, improving maneuverability and protecting all your surfaces. The carrying grip makes the 6000 series easily portable between floors. The grip also serves as a handle for removal of the dustbin container. Large foot pedals allow for easy control of power settings and the cord winder. Its compact size and small footprint along with the option to store vertically or horizontally, means storage isn't a problem.

The 6-step filtration system captures up to **99.99% >1µm microdust particles, for a perfectly clean home environment. This advanced separation & filtration system ensures less clogging, higher efficiency and maintains the performance for longer.

** Tested according to EN60312-1-2017.