AEG QX6-1-46DB 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Denim Blue.

AEG QX6-1-46DB 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Denim Blue.


High performance lithium turbo batteries for a powerful clean of up to 45 minutes. Choose between 2 power settings for exceptional dust pick-up on a variety of floor types including carpet and hardfloors. AEG's axial cyclonic technology ensures no loss of suction power, even while the dust bin fills up, for a good clean from start to finish.

Simply pull out the ergonomic, dual-grip handheld for comfortable above-the-floor and staircase cleaning. For ceiling cleaning, the telescopic reach tool on board the vacuum can be quickly attached to the handheld to clean away those cob webs.

Light-in-hand with the weight of the motor at the base of the vacuum. The full tilt design means you can clean those hard to reach places, under furniture as low as 135mm, with ease.

Pause the clean at any point with this self-standing design which can be parked upright instantly. At the end of the clean, return the QX6 to its charging stand to charge ready for next use. LED bars will show the progress of the charge.

The bright LED bar positioned at the front of the nozzle highlights dust for a more thorough clean. At the end of your clean, simply press down the pedal at the rear of the nozzle to remove hair entangled around the brush roll.