Bosch BCS612GB Series 6 Unlimited ProHome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, White.

Bosch BCS612GB Series 6 Unlimited ProHome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, White.


Bosch Series 6 Unlimited ProHome - our lightest and most compact cordless vacuum. Thorough but flexible vacuuming with the most compact and lightest cordless multi-use handstick by Bosch. The Unlimited Serie 6 ProHome in classic white offers impressive quality and reliability.

The exchangeable Power for ALL battery not only runs your handstick but since it is part of the Bosch Home & Garden 18-volt cordless system, you can use it for a whole range of the Bosch power tools and gardening devices (green product line) too.

With the BCS612GB, you get 2x 2.5AMP Bosch Lithium batteries with up to 30 minutes of runtime so you can have extended use of up to 60 minutes. This is dependent on power setting and whether you use both charged batteries.

Our lightest vacuum from Bosch has a handheld which weighs only 1.4kg, together with the tube and nozzle only 2.3kg. The latest brushless motor technology makes our compact digital motor powerful, reliable and emission-free. Combined with the specially developed AllFloor Power Brush, this guarantees effective cleaning on all kinds of floors.

It comes with a flexible crevice nozzle for those hard to reach areas and a 2in1 furniture and upholstery brush that allow you to master any cleaning job. This ensures effortless cleaning at all levels from floor to the ceiling. The easy to empty dustbox contains a lifetime hygienic filter for clean exhaust air. Store your appliance and accessories easily on the docking station for easy access at all times.