Dell S2721DGFA Quad HD Gaming Monitor, 27", Black

Dell S2721DGFA Quad HD Gaming Monitor, 27", Black




The Dell S2721DGFA 27”, Quad HD gaming monitor supports over a billion colours and is equipped with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC, technology – all to provide a great gaming experience.

This screen features an impressive resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. You'll be able to fit lots of content on the screen at once (such as documents and different windows). Additionally, media like videos and photos will look crisp and immersive.

If you find your laptop’s screen is getting a little too cramped with spread sheets or multiple tabs, check for a compatible port. Connect your device to this monitor with a previously purchased cable, then press the Windows button and “P” at the same time to enable a very handy (and stress relieving) dual screen experience.

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC helps to keeps your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync – this will reduced image tear and stutter during gameplay.

As the monitor has DisplayPort and HDMI ports, you have the ability to hook up and link a desktop computer, laptop or games console.