Devialet Phantom I 108DB Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speaker, Gold.

Devialet Phantom I 108DB Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speaker, Gold.


Devialet's Phantom I 108DB and its included remote features cutting edge Devialet invention, to bring you high-fidelity and ultra-dense sound in a compact design that fits in your home. Hear every detail brought to life with incredible clarity and precision by a Grade I Titanium tweeter, and feel the power of ultra-deep bass. Enjoy the physical impact of music unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Phantom audio
Reaching from sub-bass across the whole frequency range to ultra-sharp treble, you can discover the true potential of your music, realising its full immensity, even in tracks you’ve heard a thousand times before. The Phantom I 108DB packs a huge 1100 watts RMS and 108 decibels, combining a series of patented inventions. Sound reproduction is redesigned, and the landscape of home speaker technology is radically upgraded.

Sound, redesigned
Ultra-low frequencies down to 14Hz and up to 27kHz ensure you feel infra-bass in the body, and you’ll discover rich, subtle details previously unheard. Every instrument and voice is rendered with immaculate precision, while zero background noise and zero saturation ensures a listen that is as soothing and moving as it is powerful.

Phantom connectivity
Access a range of subscription music services over Wi-Fi, including Spotify Connect (some services may require subscription, sold separately). Stream via Bluetooth and Airplay 2, or from a device on the same network via UPnP. An optical output ensures a high-quality physical connection.

Phantom architecture
The spherical architecture of the Phantom I delivers ultra-physical, room-filling sound over the widest possible soundstage. Whether you’re using one, or connecting two or more for ultra-immersive dual or multiroom sound throughout the home.

Devialet app control
Easily control the Phantom I speaker with the Devialet app (available on iOS, Android and Windows) for seamless control from the comfort of the armchair. And it will provide you with the latest performance and compatibility upgrades, direct to the Phantom I, so it’s always at the cutting edge.