Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Compact System Camera, 4K Ultra HD, 26.1MP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Compact System Camera, 4K Ultra HD, 26.1MP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.




Fuji's renowned X-Pro series has been significantly upgraded with the X-Pro 3. Constructed from strong yet lightweight titanium it combines exceptional durability with portability and premium performance. With its Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder you can switch between optical and electronic systems, allowing you to freeze a moment in time, in pursuit of 'pure photography'.

Titanium toughness
This is the first camera from Fujifilm whose exterior is made of titanium, making it lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. Its internal framework is manufactured from robust yet rigid magnesium alloy for exceptional portability and durability. A weather resistant structure is sealed in 70 places, to provide dust and water resistance, and it's also capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10°C, allowing field photography in the toughest of conditions.

Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder system
With its Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, the X-Pro 3 promotes a shooting-through-the-viewfinder style. You can flick a lever to instantaneously switch between the OVF, which captures your subject exactly as it is, and the EVF, which allows you to check exposure and other settings while shooting. It also features the 'Electronic Range Finder' function, in which a small EVF window is displayed within the OVF. This lets you view the subject as it is while using the small EVF to enlarge the focusing area of the frame.

26.1 megapixel clarity
It's equipped with a back-illuminated 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and the X-Processor 4 high-speed image processing engine; both of which received high acclaim in previous models. Evolved algorithms mean the camera is capable of fast and accurate phase-detection autofocus at a minimum luminance of -6EV, which is close to pitch darkness. And Smooth AF is achieved by utilising the range limiter function. An 'HDR Shooting' function combines multiple images of different exposure levels to create a picture of natural colours, free of highlight or shadow clipping.

Memory Colours
Fujifilm's unique colour reproduction technology, nurtured over 85 years, produces 'memory colours'; vivid colours exactly as you remember.

Retro styles
With Film Simulation, you can choose from classic Fujifilm photo styles, and give your pictures varied colour and tone to suit the subject, just like pros did with film. There's standard PROVIA, vivid Velvia, and ASTIA with its true-to-life skin tones; PRO Neg.Std and PRO Neg.Hi, which are portrait modes based on professional colour negative film; as well as Monochromatic Colour and Sepia.

'Hidden' touch screen
A 1.62-million-dot tilting touch-screen LCD monitor fits flush on the rear of the camera. It can be flipped approximately 180 degrees, allowing you to shoot in various styles from high to low angles. It offers excellent visibility due to high resolution, wide angle of view and strong contrast. When flipped up, it remains 'hidden', maintaining emphasis on viewfinder photography.

Feeling Creative?
One of the biggest advantages of this camera is the sheer shooting flexibility on offer. You can use additional lenses to take wide-angle, telephoto, or close-up shots to suit just about any situation. The shorter the focal length (measured in mm), the wider the view will be – the longer the focal length, the more telescopic the picture. With a selection of interchangeable lenses at your disposal, the creative possibilities are endless.