Logitech Z207 Bluetooth Computer Speakers, Black.

Logitech Z207 Bluetooth Computer Speakers, Black.


The Z207 Bluetooth computer speakers will provide you with rich, perfectly balanced sounds. Thanks to Logitech’s handy Switch feature you can listen wirelessly to music on your PC or via a 3.5mm input – just stop or pause one player and then press play on the device you wish to listen to next and away you go.

The speakers have a four driver design – two to create a great balance between the mid and high tones, while the two passive radiators deliver you fantastic, punchy bass. The 5 Watts RMS/10 Watts Peak power will create an immersive, room-filling sound that ideal for game play or listening to music.

The controls are simple to use – just press the Bluetooth pairing button to connect your devices, or rotate the volume control to suit your mood.