Nikon COOLSHOT 20 GII Laser Range Finder with 6-800 Yard Range.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 GII Laser Range Finder with 6-800 Yard Range.




Rainproof, light and compact, and super-simple to use, Nikon’s 20 GII Laser Range Finder can measure up to 800 yards (730m) to make your golfing easier. Whether you’re a budding golfer or a seasoned specialist, this is an excellent tool to rate distance from the green. Exclusively crafted for the sport, Nikon’s innovative First Target Priority algorithm measures the distance to the closest of overlapping object so you it's easy to lock onto the flagstick.

Seamless, speedy distance measuring
Know how far you are from the green quickly with the super-accurate COOLSHOT 20 GII displaying the distance every metre. The First Target Priority Mode locks onto the distance of the closest subject, so you can easily get the distance of a green’s flagstick rather than the woods in the background. Loaded with a multi-layer coated 6x monocular lens, images are bright and clear for detailed surveying of the course.

Rainproof & lightweight build
Weighing just 130g, you’ll have no problem carrying it by hand or in your golf bag. With its IPX4 water resistance rating and -10°C to +50°C temperature tolerance, it can withstand the most challenging playing conditions.

Comfortable & simple to use
Get a single measurement with one press, or hold the power button for 8 seconds of instant continuous measurement if you’re checking multiple objects. Also, with clever long eye relief design, it always gives comfortable viewing, even if you wear glasses or contact lenses.