Oppo A74 Smartphone, Android, 6.5”, 5G, SIM Free, 128GB, Black.

Oppo A74 Smartphone, Android, 6.5”, 5G, SIM Free, 128GB, Black.


Empower your day with the A74 phone from Oppo. It features a 90Hz FHD+ Hyper-colour display, a 48MP AI Quad camera for superior photos, next-gen 5G connectivity, and 128GB of storage. And all with sleek and slim curved design which feels great in the hand.

Hyper-colour screen
Its display delivers visuals with rich, accurate, real-life colour. Up to 90Hz refresh rate means graphics flow smoothly, and it learns and automatically implements your brightness preferences.

Great qualities
Unlocking is easy thanks its Side Fingerprint and Face Unlock features – just one quick touch and away you go. Another helpful feature is the 3.5mm headphone jack – there’s no need to hunt for an adapter.

What is RAM?
RAM (Random Access Memory) is different to the permanent storage provided by hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) or memory cards in your equipment. RAM is used by your device to temporarily store data to carry out everyday operations. The more RAM your machine has, the faster you can expect it to open and run programs.

This device has 6GB RAM.

AI Quad Camera
Thanks to its 16MP selfie camera and 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP rear lenses, you can capture yourself and the world around you in glorious detail.

What is SIM free?
You'll receive an unlocked device, so there’s no requirement to commit to any network, leaving you free to decide which SIM card / network to use in the device. This gives you the opportunity to find the most suitable plan, whether that’s a SIM only deal, contract or pay-as-you-go, throughout the lifetime of the phone.

Top tip: as this mobile phone is supplied SIM free and unlocked, you have access to SIM only deals – these usually offer far better value for money. (Please search: ‘SIM only deals best price’. Add the price of the smartphone above to the cost of a SIM only deal for 12/24 months – now compare this amount to the same smartphone purchased on a contract for 12/24 months, for eye-opening results.) You also have the option to add a foreign SIM card, so you can use this device overseas for less as well.

Additional information: manufacturers often update their Operating System (OS) software over the course of a device’s lifespan – this means that your product might ship with a more advanced OS than specified.