Panasonic KX-TGK220EB Digital Cordless Telephone with 1.5" LCD Screen.

Panasonic KX-TGK220EB Digital Cordless Telephone with 1.5" LCD Screen.




The KX-TGK220E's elegant upright style blends seamlessly with your interior, with a silver finish for that refined touch of luxury. Working in harmony with interiors, you’ll be notified of calls and messages with the choice blue light on the handset. 40 ringtones ensure a bespoke setting and when you’re finished with your call, simply place the handset back on the small but secure base to recharge. On top of all that, you can enjoy hands-free talk with the speakerphone located in the handset.

Nuisance Call Blocker
Clamp down on spam calls from telemarketers by blocking specific numbers (or entire groups based on the first 2 to 8 digits) or withheld numbers. This means that your home can be left in peace from bothersome distractions. In order to use the Nuisance Call Blocker function you must be subscribed to a Caller Display Service from your network provider. Charges may apply.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Not only can you put this phone on a silent Do Not Disturb setting, you can customise it so it rings for specific contacts. This means that your sleep will only be disturbed by loved ones or other special callers. With this convenient feature, this set will sink seamlessly into your lifestyle even more.

Radiation Free Eco Mode Plus
Free your home of potentially harmful radiation rays with the Eco Mode Plus. While the phone is on standby, it cuts transmitting power to zero. The base unit stays off until a call comes in or a handset is activated, keeping your home’s atmosphere clean.