Roberts Beacon 330 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Duck Egg.

Roberts Beacon 330 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Duck Egg.


Blending top-notch audio tech, the renowned sound of Roberts, and retro-inspired design, the top-of-the-range Beacon 330 speaker sounds as good as it looks. Connect simply and wirelessly from your Bluetooth device and enjoy crystal-clear, room-filling sound, as well as adjustable EQ and Bass Boost. It cuts a timeless, elegant profile in the home, and with up to fifteen hours of play-time thanks to its rechargeable battery, it’s just as happy to go with you too.

Roberts’ audio prowess
Behind the stylish profile is some serious audio tech. A full-range speaker with multi-directional dual bass radiators ensures you can feel the beat throughout every corner of the room. Mid-frequencies are full and rich, and highs are delicately detailed.

Customise the sound
Adjustable EQ presets means you can tune the sound to your personal preference, while Bass Boost powers up the low frequencies for extra impact, or for a warmer, more balanced sound at low volume.

Roberts’ classic style
The UK-milled speaker cloth is aesthetic and tactile, as well as being specially chosen for its acoustic transparency, giving optimum sound projection. The Beacon 330 comes in a range of statement colours to suit your style and take pride of place in your home, and is finished with the brand’s iconic name plate.

Portable power
The Beacon 330 keeps you in the top tracks or the soothing symphonies of your choice for up to fifteen hours (depending on playback settings). Just plug it into the mains to recharge. And if your phone needs a power boost, there’s a USB input to keep it charged, and the music playing. And you can connect non-Bluetooth audio devices via its aux-in port.

Double up?
If you want stereo sound, you can easily link two Beacon 330s together for a wireless and stylish stereo set-up.