Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speakers.

Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speakers.


Expand your sound by pairing this two-channel Wireless Rear Speaker Kit with your compatible Samsung Soundbar, for a cinematic sound experience. They deliver impressive side and upfiring sound, so you can immerse yourself in 360 degree sound.

Wireless connection
The SWA-9500S speakers fit around your space without the need for wires connecting to the soundbar, which means less messy cables, and more cinematic sound.

Audio from all directions
Add sounds from overhead and behind to combine with the sound bar's upfiring capabilities. The SWA-9500S rear speakers fill the room for immersive, panoramic sound.

The SWA-9500S speakers are compatible with the following Samsung Q-Series Sound Bars: HW-Q900A, HW-Q800A and HW-Q700A.