Simplehuman Sensor Mirror with Integrated Speaker and Voice Control.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror with Integrated Speaker and Voice Control.


Set the tone for your day with this innovative sensor mirror, that’s built with clever features to help you apply makeup with precision. It features an integrated speaker that delivers impressive sound quality, as well as the ‘tru-lux’ light system which closely simulates natural sunlight’s full-colour spectrum. This, as well as its 5x magnification, means you can see every detail, colours are accurate and you can make sure your makeup is flawless. Plus, you can download simplehuman’s mirror app to enjoy easier-than-ever control using your smartphone.

Key features:

The integrated speaker is designed to deliver rich, smooth and well-balanced sound to fill almost any room. The sensor can detect how close or far you are from the mirror and adjust the audio accordingly

Intuitive audio contol allows you to simply slide up, down, or tap the mirror to control your music

Adjust the mirror’s brightness or light setting from sunlight to candlelight with the touch of a finger

Automatic mode will turn the mirror’s light on as your face approaches and turns it off as soon as you move away. Manual mode allows you to keep the light on for as long as you like

Download the compatible app on your smartphone to adjust audio tones, access lighting presets, customise the mirror’s sensor or select the night light mode

Stream audio over Bluetooth or AirPlay 2-compatible devices, or use the aux cable to directly connect to another device

Hands-free voice control means you can control the music with simple voice commands

The durable stainless steel speaker body is designed with a fabric acoustic transparent cover that protects the speaker, while still allowing for superior sound.